SUNLIGHT DIGITAL Post Production Samples - Table of Contents

1. Blonder & Blonder music video/promo - starring Pamela Anderson & Denise Richards
2. Blonder & Blonder EPK - Cinematography, Graphic Design, Editorial, Audio Mix
3. Grand Dates TV Pilot - Editorial, Color Correction, Soundtracks, Audio Mix
4. Sportfishing With Dan Hernandez - Galley Segment of popular cable tv show
5. Shining Chrome Knife music video for Sony - Cinematography, Editorial
6. inside E.A.P. EPK/mini documentary - Cinematography, Color Grading, Editorial, Mix
7. Dead City Sunday "Sex Ed" music video - Cinematography, Editorial
8. Space Trek spoof/promo - Writing, Directing, Blue Screen & Post Supervision
9. The Doubting of Thomas mini documentary - Directing, Cinematography, Editorial
10. Classic Works of Art commercial - Writing, Directing, Editorial, Music Recording & Mix
11. AYSO Spring League promo - Cinematography, Color, Graphics, Editorial
12. World News Report - Writing, Directing, Camera, BlueScreen Compositing, Editorial
13. Tribute to the Heroes of 9/11 - Editorial, Titling
14. The Tektrix trailer - Writing, Directing, Camera, CGI, Editing, Music Recording & Mix
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