"SILENCE" - Rudy Kalfayan EPK

Reference 1 Rough Cut 1
editor: Allen Kaufman

Directed by Allen Kaufman
Cameras: Allen Kaufman, Tess Spaulding, Jimmy Alioto
Sunlight Digital is known for our artist-friendly approach
to handling the task of capturing footage of live concerts,
studio documentaries, interviews, and music videos.

It's important to protect a performer's concentration.
We know how essential it is to remain transparent to the
creative process taking place in artists' work.

Sunlight Digital's director of photography has a background
in professional studio recording & mixing. Combine that fact
with our crew of musical camera operators and the results
speak for themselves: The visual results match the music.

We know how to "think music" and to stay responsive to
the flow of a performance - staying flexible in our shooting
style to capture the moods and feelings during any given
creative moment - whether rehearsed or improvised.

We care about what is being expressed by an artist. And
we believe our own work should reflect this visually. Our
work is harmonious with the artists we work with - like we
are a member of the band.

We apply this same musical philosophy to our editing.
The timing of the cuts are set to the rhythm of the band.
The style of the transitions are set to the mood of the song
Finishing touches will be applied in the same way any
mastering engineer would add polish to a mixed recording.